Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems
Early Generation Products


Performance Testing

The ST-64 is designed to provide a fast accurate and detailed test of starters. Applications include: OEM manufacturing, design & prototype laboratories, warranty, quality and engineering departments, and product & component validation.

Photo of ST-64 testing system

For an accurate starter test the ST-64 analyses the device timing. This way the machine can detect solenoid, drive and spring problems. Solenoid timing is measured on the unit which allows the machine to detect problems related to out of specification components or faulty assembling. The ST-64 has a reject bin input, marking device output, very fast change over time, automatic clamping, connections & tool recognition, optional sound and vibration analysis, learning mode to create new test profiles, real time statistical monitoring, safety level IV protection, programmable installation and setup instructions, and serial number support. The mechanical energy produced from the starter is returned back to the power supply to reduce power consumption. The performance curve is scanned in at a set of programmable points. After the load test the machine simulates engine start up and measures the drive disengage function.

The ST-64 can scan a full performance curve on the starter in less than 12 seconds which increases the accuracy and decreases result variation caused by temperature. This testing system has a built-in oscilloscope, precise waveform analysis which can detect armature and commutator problems. It is also supplied with flat touch screen color LCD monitor and is available in many working voltages (220 to 480V at 50/60 Hz). The system includes a computer controlled programmable load with stall test function. The output ripple can be monitored on the built in oscilloscope with automatic adjustments. After the test the results are checked to preset limits and output report is generated. The set of starter performance curves is displayed on the screen.

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