Photo of D&V's head office in Canada

D&V Electronics

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Voiko Loukanov, we have continuously pioneered the innovation and development of scientific testing technologies. Our strong electrical knowledge, along with our thorough knowledge of measurement technologies and data analysis have led to the development of test systems that provide state of the art accuracy and reliability.

High speed data collection and scientific accuracy are hallmarks of our products. These aspects, along with other features we incorporate, allow our clients to:

  • Quickly & accurately test components in production and remanufacturing environments, resulting in higher component throughput while at the same time reducing re-work costs and warranty claims,
  • Perform development work in a full range of environmental and operating conditions, resulting in better performing products,
  • Prove out technology with laboratory-like precision, thus permitting our clients to be earlier to market with emerging technologies.

Looking to the future, we see the opportunity to contribute our knowledge, our expertise, and our products to the ongoing search to satisfy ever higher fuel efficiency requirements.  To achieve these efficiency levels, the electrification of a wider variety of vehicle systems is taking on increasing importance.  D&V has responded by developing testing technologies that now encompass battery cells and packs, EV/HEV inverters, integrated starter/generators, and power steering motors to name a few.

With the industry’s most comprehensive electro-mechanical testing line-up, D&V is proud to provide class leading technology, expertise, and support to allow you to meet your product technology goals and aspirations.  At D&V, we are Testing the Future®.

D&V Electronics Ltd. is ISO-9001:2015 certified. Click to view our printable certificate.