Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems

Maintenance Services

Preventative Maintenance Program Benefits:
• Increased life expectancy of test equipment
• Increased productivity and efficiency
• Decreased equipment downtime
• Avoid unexpected breakdowns and unplanned expediting expenses
• Capture DUT defects prior to shipment to customers
• Prevent false failure and missed defect detection
• Planned visits to accommodate your work schedule

Preventative Maintenance Program features:
• Provide maintenance checklist
• Verification/calibration on a yearly basis
• Preventative maintenance provided by certified technical support technicians
• Comprehensive inspections of all major systems
• Spare parts recommendations
• Long lead time spare parts recommendations
• Inspection of all tooling, consumables & wearable parts
• Verify and confirm safety features
• Provide a detailed report on the current status of your D&V Electronics test equipment
• Provide software maintenance applicable updates