Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems

Early Generation Products


Photo of JBT-6 testing system

This section provides a listing of early generation D&V products. This information is a reference for our users who may need knowledge of products that may no longer be manufactured. Information contained within these pages is not actively maintained and is provided “as is”.

To find current D&V products and information, please consult the relevant product pages or e-mail


Effective immediately, D&V will no longer manufacture, service, or provide spare parts for the following test products:

  • ALT-98
  • ST-16
  • ST-24
  • ST-20
  • ST-100
  • ST-12
  • SST-160

Over the past several years, D&V Electronics  has developed new versions of these products that include improved technology, new features, and enhancements to meet your exacting requirements. We encourage you to browse our website and contact us directly to learn about these products:

D&V Electronics is committed to offering our customers the latest technology and functionality that will aid in their work, improve quality and reliability, and keep our customers competitive.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with products and services to meet all of your testing needs.

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