Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems
Early Generation Products


Production Testing

The ALT-100 is designed to provide a detailed high accuracy test of the alternator in a very short time.

Photo of ALT-100 testing system


The user friendly environment makes the setup and test procedure as simple as pressing a button. The machine not only tests the product to a preset limit, but has a diagnostic system built in. If the unit does not pass the test, the operator is given a detailed explanation as to why the unit did not work. This eliminates the guess work by the operator and even unskilled persons can operate the testing system and make diagnostics of alternators and voltage regulators.

The ALT-100 is a PC based system with a variable speed drive motor, battery simulator, and programmable electronic load. During the automatic test the computer controls the alternator speed and load according to programmable test procedure to verify the alternator and voltage regulator. For a precise voltage regulator check, the car’s on board computer and connection problems are also simulated. Cut-in (turn on) speed, soft start delay, LCR (Load Control Response) function, feedback signal to the on board computer, tachometer output frequency, the rectifier’s voltage drop and reverse diode leakage, the voltage regulator saturation voltage, stator voltage and many other parameters are also measured.

When the test is complete, the computer verifies all parameters and prints reports. If a fault is detected, diagnostic messages are shown. Special software for statistical analysis and data collection is available too. For reliability tests and engineering analysis a special long time test mode is included. The ALT-100 is supplied with a built in label printer port (24 pin), built in RS232C serial interface for data exchange or SPC programming and test plugs for most popular applications.

Available in many working voltages (208 to 480V at 50/60 Hz).

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