Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems
Early Generation Products


Aftermarket Testing

The CDT-150 is a microprocessor based diode test unit designed to provide remanufacturers with a quick, accurate, and easy to use device to test all main parameters of regular and avalanche rectifiers.

Photo of CDT-150 testing system


The CDT-150 automatically scans all diodes in the rectifier and measures each one of them separately. The full test takes 5-6 seconds to complete. The measured values are compared with preset limits and PASS or Fail is indicated, according to the results. The readings can be taken even with the stator attached to the rectifier. An audible beeb is heard when the diode or rectifier has passed the test. This testing unit can detect the direction of the diode and automatically reverse the test probes to provide proper measurement. The limits are fully programmable by the operator. The CDT-150 can also store specifications for popular rectifiers. Production fixtures are also available

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