Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems
Voltage Regulator Testing Units

VRT-315 Laboratory Testing

Easily view the stability and speed response to changes in voltage, as well as other valuable measurements with the latest voltage regulator testing equipment.

Photo of VRT-315 testing system


A distinguishing characteristic of the VRT-315 is it’s ability to provide a stress test of the regulator.

One of our main targets when creating the VRT-315 was to provide an easy path for future upgrades and implementation of custom requirements. Voltage regulators functionality changes very dynamically and these abilities are critical for the easy expansion of the equipment, and providing good customer support.

The VRT-315 employs special functionality for creation of new specifications and control parameters based on the characteristics of sample (master) regulators. The learning wizard uses special algorithms to determine the type of regulator and validate the proper terminals and communications protocols. This proprietary logic combines over 25 years of regulator testing knowledge and experience with state of the art technology to greatly simplify setup of the test sequence and parameter population. As with other D&V products, the VRT-315 has a built in Basic interpreter, expanded with custom commands and variables. This allows the test system to run custom test procedures with almost limitless functionality.

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