Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems
Starter Testing Equipment

ST-124 Heavy-Duty Production Testing

A fully automatic testing system with automatic or manual connections for testing starters up to 7.5kW (ST-124L) or 15kW (ST-124H)

Photo of SST-124 testing system


  • Fully programmable test with possibility to measure complete starter performance in less than 15 seconds in compliance with ISO 8856 section 4, type 1
  • Control and define measuring parameters and limits at any conditions (test by speed, torque, current or voltage)
  • Test specifications easy to configure via SpecView Program. Results, limits, etc. are stored for purpose of statistical data processing, retrieval and archiving
  • Separate power supplies for starter motor and solenoid with programmable characteristics (open terminal voltage and internal resistance) separate for free run and load test
  • Overload protection for starter and solenoid power supply
  • Manual or optional pneumatic clamping system for starter fixation
  • Exchangeable tooling (rings) to accommodate different starter models
  • Graphical display of starter performance curve with speed, torque, current, efficiency and solenoid voltage drop and color mapped pass/fail indication for every parameter
  • Printed reports via any Windows printer, custom pass/fail reports via reporting software, interface to label printer via serial port
  • Automatic radial adjustment of the starter position relative to the test gear via programmable servo system, axial position adjusted manually via digital readout
  • Measuring electronics and control PC located in separated NEMA 12 enclosure
  • Windows operating system and PC with LCD touch screen and user friendly interface
  • Self diagnostic and remote diagnostic software
  • The complete test cycle data can be recorded for remote viewing
  • Separate solenoid pull in and hold in coil current measurement
  • Automatic rotation direction recognition (CW/CCW)
  • Solenoid pull in strength test via block test
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