Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems
Specialty Test Systems

VSM-100 Vehicle Electric Systems Testing

The VSM-100 is a comprehensive test platform for complete vehicle electrical systems simulations.

Photo of VSM-100 testing system

The VSM-100 provides a complete test system for ECU programmers, systems architecture designers, and electrical engineers for the validation of a vehicle’s electrical systems behavior and performance. The client is able to connect complete vehicle electrical systems to the D&V test system, simultaneously testing the alternator and starter, while simulating actual driving conditions. Engineers can validate their designs and software with real time control and response measurement during vehicle control module firmware development. The VSM-100 processes up to 200,000 samples per second to ensure real-time data integrity and accuracy. The VSM-100 encompasses real world environmental conditions with environmental chamber testing between temperatures between -30 to 140 °C (-22 to 280 °F).


  • Full performance curves of a starter motor’s capabilities showing torque, efficiency and engine cranking capacity are available with D&V’s engine simulation
  • Full systems architecture testing of the ECU permits the user to determine systems handling of alternator, battery, starter motor, and the various vehicle electronics systems
  • Variable load testing of the starter motor, including engine torque pulsations, is achieved using a ring gear mounted, high dynamic response load motor
  • To test variation in performance related to battery voltage levels, D&V can provide a programmable battery simulator to set battery parameters and State of Charge conditions
  • The creation and editing of test conditions and routines, and the display of test results are completely user configurable
  • Computer controlled variable speed motor and motor drive system allows for the testing of a single, or simultaneous testing of two, belt driven alternators
  • Alternator speeds of up to 21,000 RPM can be accommodated in a maintained thermal environment
  • Overall power consumption of the VSM-100 can be reduced by employing D&V’s optional regenerative load bank technology to capture alternator output
  • Drive profiles and average drive simulation settings are fully user programmable, and permit the verification of electrical system integration and component performance with real alternator-battery load combinations
  • Alternator field current settings are fully programmable, allowing the user to test system power draining components which are critical in start-stop applications

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