Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems

R-L Load

Power Inverter Module Testing

Production and EMI testing of power inverter modules.


  • Dual Channel
  • Same Controller and Interface as Gen2 EME
    • EDAC I/O Interface
    • Position Sensing Emulation
      • Resolver Lobes (2 to 24)
      • Resolver Offset (-2pi to 2pi radians)
      • Resolver Excitation (3kHz to 20kHz)
      • Encoder Pulses (up to 80 pulses/revolution)
    • Flux tables not required (but can be present)
    • Reporting of currents and temperatures
  • Power: 20kW/channel
  • Inductance: 105uH (same inductor as EME)
  • Resistance: 55 mOhm/phase (others available)
  • Phase Current: 350Arms/ph max
  • PIM Control Power: (8 to 30VDC) available as option
  • Protections: Overtemp/no water flow shutdown/ESTOP/HVL/Interlock/Loss of CAN

Facility Requirements

  • 1 Phase Service (120/60Hz)
  • Coolant: Water or 50% WEG, 30C Max, 2.5 GPM/Ch min.
  • Dimensions: 584.2 x 990.6 x 1016 (WxDxH millimeters)
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