Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems
Electric Motor Testing

EPT-100 Production Testing

The EPT series is testing the future of hybrid/electric vehicle motors and controllers with a superior combination of performance, accuracy and flexibility.


The EPT Series of testing systems are specifically designed for the testing of electric and hybrid propulsion systems – specifically the motors and drives (inverters). The EPT Series share a common platform but can be built in a variety of configurations to accommodate lab testing, durability testing and end-of-line (EOL) testing.

The EPT-100 is a PC based test system for defining electrical and mechanical motor characteristics. This system features different levels of automation for production testing environments. The energy regeneration feature means low power consumption for running tests.

The ability to measure complete performance curves, BEMF (back electromotive force) voltages and resolver signals define measuring conditions, define test conditions, and set limits for the corresponding parameters are just some of the features of the EPT-100. It can operate in manual mode with full adjustability of all parameters: speed, torque, load, voltage, etc. As well as run a programmable profile for testing. The pre-programmed profiles for testing that the EPT-100 comes with include performance, BEMF, resolver position, free run, locked rotor and coast down.

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