Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems
Electric Axle Testing

EXL-150 Laboratory Testing

Being equipped with various measuring systems such as data analyzers, and state of the art sound and vibration software allows our e-Axle test systems to be capable of performing advanced analyses on the device under test.


  • Available configurations include a mechanical torque verification fixture, thermal chamber, liquid chiller and sound and vibration kit.
  • Equipped with D&V’s PMM-10 10MHz power analyzer as well as D&V’s SV-PRO software.
  • Flexible control scheme supports wide range of e-Axle configuration from single motor with open differential to dual-motor with Dual Power Inverter Module (DPIM).
  • The speed of each load motor can be controlled independently to simulate turning or special test requirement such as differential break-in.
  • Overall system efficiency of 50% thanks to energy recuperation capability within the system which can reduce energy consumption significantly.
  • Very few wearing parts due to simplified driveline design and the use of air-cooled load motors.
  • Capable of simulating NEDC, WLTP and other drive cycles.
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