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Diode & Rectifier Test Systems

CDT-601 Production Testing


The CDT-601 is a Windows®-based, high speed, high accuracy, robust, lean cell production testing unit for diode rectifier assemblies. CDT-601 is also available in modular configurations for in-line testing applications.

Photo of CDT-601 testing system


The CDT-601 is compatible with the test specifications of all major Tier 1 manufacturers, tests standard and new generation rectifiers with up to 8 phases, and tests rectifiers with diode trio assemblies.

Along with all standard tests there are number of built-in advanced measurements such as dynamic resistance, dynamic voltage drop, reverse direction stress test, dynamic reverse resistance, recognition of “soft knee” characteristic, noise, etc.

The CDT-601 has the ability to recognize diode quality issues, semi-conductor material imperfections (micro-fractures, cracks), diode substrate damage, and solder voids.

  • Decreased cycle time with auto connect tooling
  • Designed for the new generation of rectifiers with up to 8 phases
  • Real-time filtering and digital processing for extreme accuracy and repeatability
  • Compact footprint for easy integration into production line
  • Recognizes rectifier assembly issues: incorrect diode, mixed diodes, physical damage to diode from installation and heat transfer issues
  • Able to measure parameters in up to 16 diodes in one test
  • Thermal resistance evaluation (ΔV f /R th ) with up to 150A heating current and adjusts automatically the energy of the heating pulse
  • Can test stator/rectifiers assemblies and identify faulty solder connections or welds
  • Verification of connections to rectifier to limit the possibility of false results
  • Temperature compensation of the measured results based on the ambient air temperature, as well as optional infrared sensing of the temperature of the rectifier assembly
  • Quick tooling fixture changeover (approximately 1 minute start to finish)
  • Step-by-step tooling setup instruction sequence with pictures for operator ease of use
  • High speed measuring and control electronics with solid state switches for fast, reliable, accurate testing
  • Comprehensive software suite that includes individual test settings and part profiles, machine setup instructions (visual tutorial), labels and group names for diodes and connections, etc.
  • Scripting capabilities for customized test sequence optimization and control of peripheral devices (label printing, marking device, barcode scanner, reject acknowledgement sensor, etc.)
  • Multi-level User Manager with customizable logins and permission levels for access control
  • Reports include test parameters with user set limits, graphical results identifying faulty diodes and plotting capabilities for detailed observations
  • Customized statistical data output to suit end-user needs using D&V’s Statistical Writer Editor
  • Test unit-to-test unit data exchange and synchronization for results sharing and storage
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