Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems
Diode & Rectifier Test Systems

CDT-200R2 Laboratory & Remanufacturing Testing

The CDT-200R2 is suitable for laboratory testing and is designed for the new generation of rectifiers with up to 8 phases. It also has real-time filtering and digital processing for extreme accuracy and repeatability.


  • Compatible with the test specifications of all major Tier 1 manufacturers
  • Tests standard and new generation rectifiers with up to 8 phases
  • Tests rectifiers with diode trio assemblies
  • Dynamic resistance, reverse direction stress test, dynamic reverse resistance, noice, etc.
  • Able to measure parameters in up to 16 diodes in one test

Please inquire about the many more features the CDT-200R2 has by requesting a brochure.

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