Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems
Battery Test Systems

BST-240 Battery Pack Testing

D&V’s battery pack test systems are a comprehensive, high fidelity implementation of intelligent DC-DC converter modules, power stage devices, measurement instrumentation, inductor banks, advanced testing software all based on a PC platform.

Photo of BST-240 testing system


  • Standard Operational voltage range of 40 V to 1000 V
  • Typical voltage response times less than 10 ms
  • Very high current slew rate for driving peak energy storage characteristics
  • Stable voltage output with tuned dynamic performance
  • Rapid switching between charging and discharging mode to simulate sudden regenerative conditions
  • Step profile changes can be applied at a 10 Hz rate or higher for fine resolution control
  • Optional fast-switching feature specifically for emulating extremely fast voltage spikes


  • Software user interface allows for easy-to-use flowchart programming features
  • Capability to integrate with real-time model simulation and testing environments
  • Open architecture and interface which allows connection to 3rd party software and hardware


  • Bi-directional dc power system to generate various charging and discharging profiles
  • Measurement instrumentation allows for multiple channels of high speed sampling
  • Data logging and acquisition software features custom sampling rates and conditional controls
  • Additional communication tools for BMS interaction (CAN, Flexray, etc.)
  • Oscilloscope views, plotting functions and report generation capability
  • Parts and testing specification database software for enhanced user organization and experience
  • Endurance testing and automation functions for long term, heavy duty cycling
  • Capability to simulate the output of various power and energy storage devices
  • Various charging algorithms can be implemented using customized control functions
  • Profile testing according to standard drive cycles such as NEDC, HPPC, UDDS or US06
  • User-generated scripts can be developed in a VB .net environment for additional functionality


  • Thermal measuring unit modules which allow for multiple channels of temperature sensor input
  • Thermal chambers for ambient air temperature and humidity cycling
  • Liquid conditioning systems for energy storage devices that require coolant circulation
  • Additional discrete or analog input/output channels
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