Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems
Alternator Testing Equipment

ALT-72 Laboratory Performance Testing

The ALT-72 is designed to provide manufacturers with a detailed test of the alternator’s performance and endurance under varied temperatures and thermal conditions. Custom test procedures are easily configured to vary the temperature, alternator speed, and other test parameters for accurate alternator diagnosis undetected under normal testing conditions.

Photo of ALT-72 testing system


  • Fully automated precision testing with -40 to +140 °C test chamber which allows for creating a laminar flow around the alternator for a more consistent and repeatable test environment
  • Option for Humidity control to simulate a full range of temperature and humidity conditions
  • Computer controlled variable speed motor selection up to 41 kW with high reliability motor drive system for Belted or Direct Drive up to 22,000 RPM alternator speed and maintain thermal conditions
  • Torque & efficiency readings with direct drive, and programmable side load during belted operation
  • Built-in battery simulator 12-32V for consistent test conditions, options for external battery connections, or ultra-capacitors
  • High Efficiency Regenerative load bank system to reduce energy consumption and heat load in the cabinet
    • Load bank system is computer controlled up to 300 Amps with optional configurations up to 600+ Amps
    • Control modes include; current, voltage, and resistance
  • Available in 3 phase voltages (208 to 480V at 50/60 Hz)


  • User programmable test procedures and thermal variation profiles via-script engine
  • Fully programmable software environment with over twenty virtual instruments, ability to add new instruments, display tools, and programmable functions on the software interface
  • Measures over 100 different alternator parameters plus user customizable data points
  • Fully programmable interface to the alternator including simulation of on-board computer functions and lamp circuit
  • Performance measured at variable temperatures with programmable delays
    • Smart Delays can activate the next test cycle when a specified temperature is achieved
  • Database program for creation and editing of test conditions and the display of test results
    • Any statistics from previous test results can be retrieved for display
  • Built-in calibration, automatic diagnostic, manual and detailed report test modes
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