Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems
Alternator Testing Equipment

ALT-198 Advanced End-of-Line Testing

The ALT-198 is the next generation of our very popular ALT-98, built for the new era of automotive testing.

The ALT-198 features an integrated 19” color touch- screen and PC computer with the new ALT-Pro software providing database management, customizable test profiles, advanced learning mode, manual mode, results and statistics monitoring, connectivity for results and specifications, and customizable pass/fail reports. This testing system is ideally suited for a variety of testing applications for OEM’s and remanufacturers including end of the line production testing, performance studies, and warranty evaluation.


• Available with a 300A Resistive load bank and 11kW motor, providing the best combination of test capacity and value
• Available with Resistive Load Banks or Larger Capacity, Energy Saving Regenerative Load Banks
• Automated validation testing for medium to high volume applications
• Available with 11kW, 15kW and 22kW Variable Speed Motors
• Choice of 450A or 600A Regenerative load bank for reduced power consumption and heat dissipation (re-uses up to 96% of the alternator energy)
• Reduced test time through optimized test cycle and advanced measure techniques
• Learning Mode discovers functions and records sample test results for easy setup of specifications
• Adjustable tooling suited for mounting a wide variety of alternators
• Automatic LIN/COM/BSS protocol recognition
• User configurable test specifications and test profiles
• Measures over 100 different industry standard parameters: turn on speed, voltage set point, remote voltage set point, LRC, SSD, field current, alternator performance curve etc.
• Built-in oscilloscope for all signals: RVC, feedback, ripple current, LIN/COM, etc.
• Checks all types of alternator and regulator terminals and functions such as computer control, soft start delay, load response control, tachometer frequency, feedback, under/over voltage indication, PCM control, RVC, LIN/BSS, etc.
• Simulates all signals to the alternator including on- board computer functions
• Ability to emulate voltage regulator for externally regulated or field driver ‘PD’ units
• More than 40 different alternator real time readings, including: speed, current, voltage, ripple current, rectifier leakage, rectifier voltage drop, regulator saturation voltage, stator voltage, feedback PWM, etc.
• Endurance test mode for component validation*
• Includes set of harness and regulator test plugs for popular applications
• Ambient Temperature sensor for result adjustment calculations
• CE compliance
• Advanced Data Acquisition
• ALT-PRO Software Platform

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