Photo of solenoid, alternator, and power train testing systems
Alternator and Starter Test Equipment

JBT-1 Bench Top Diagnosis

The JBT-1 is the best small all-in-one Alternator and Starter test bench on the market, designed to test the latest generation computerized starters and “smart” alternators with COM, BSS, LIN and RVC - PWM control signals.

Starter test bench alternator test bench

The JBT-1 provides enhanced operator safety with the JBT-1’s work area cover. Step-by-step setup and testing instructions are provided, including unit photos, diagrams and text to reduce operator usage errors. Alternator belt tension is automatically provided, meaning that test results are more consistent and that there are no heavy levers or latches to adjust. An adjustable tooling fixture is provided that allows both axial mount and pad mount alternators to be quickly mounted for testing. Alternators with CW or CCW rotation can be checked. Starter motors are easily secured by a simple to use clamping system. Computer controlled variable voltage starter power supply easily tests the starter motor and solenoid functionality for items such as solenoid contact voltage drop, pull-hold in current, contact chatter and other aspects. Built in self diagnostic mode and remote assistance available from the D&V Support

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  • Tests all the latest generation alternators and starters, which is ideal for part stores and distribution centres
  • Automatically tests alternators & starters and displays the results in an easy to understand graphical format.
    • When faults are identified, an expanded display is available for store staff and customers to precisely know the results.
    • These results can also be printed and saved
  • Capable of comprehensively testing all the latest alternators with computerized serial communication protocols including BSS, LIN and RVC with PWM control signals from PCM
  • As technology evolves, future starter and alternator models can be added with simple software updates from D&V
  • The comprehensive part number database is searchable by part number, plug number or vehicle application
  • Software and unit specification update subscription services are available, and installed via USB or a network connection
  • Powerful and easy to use, the all–in–one touch screen Windows based interface has been thoroughly tested for simple usability and reliability
  • Built-in Tutorials and simple to navigate testing software is available in over 15 user-selectable languages.
  • Versions available: 1 HP (120V Version with 12Vdc operation) / 0.75 HP (230V Version with 12 and 24Vdc operation)
  • Usage statistics and test results analysis (for warranty statistical data) are available on a subscription service basis
  • Popular plugs and universal harness included
  • Optional bar code reader available for quick part identification

CE and ETL Safety Certified

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