Product Capabilities

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Our BSG testers has the capability to test:

  • Air or water/glycol cooled
  • Variety of thermal requirements
  • Multiple torque measurements methods
  • Highly accurate and flexible power supplies


  • Two–up Endurance Testing with automatic belt tensioning
  • Chamber ramp: 6°C/ minute
  • Ultra-reliable test rig components
  • Customizable endurance test profile (speed, load, duration, cycles)
  • DUT voltage range: 8-80VDC
  • DUT peak current: up to 500A
  • DUT peak power: 16kW per DUT
  • Current slew rate: 150A / ms


  • Measures both belt torque and direct drive torque
  • With or without a thermal chamber
  • Computer controlled variable speed drive system
  • DUT speeds to 24,000 rpm
  • DC recirculative supply


  • High Volume Production Tester
  • Flexible configurations for assembly lines
  • Direct coupling to BSG using Torx, socket, or spline adapters
  • High operational testing efficiency
  • Includes high speed/high resolution data acquisition system
  • Accuracy 0.05% or better for all major parameters
  • Quick change over time
  • DUT test time approximately 20 seconds


  • Performance, Warranty, Low Volume production in one tester
  • Optional belt or direct drive torque measurement
  • Load Bank and starter power supply or DC-DC regen power supply